Print Hints for Media Buying: Use Preprints to Promote

What’s a Sunday morning without a cup of coffee and a big newspaper filled with colorful, store circulars? These weekly newspaper staples are preprint advertising. As print advertising revenues decline, preprints have become an important income stream for newspapers. It now accounts for more than a quarter of total daily newspaper revenue and a whopping 70% of Sunday newspaper ad revenue. (Sundays are newspapers most profitable day.) Expect to see preprints appearing more during the holiday shopping (and advertising) season, particularly in preparation for Black Friday and Super Saturday sales. Here’s why marketers might want to consider using preprint advertising:

Proven Value: Three-fourths of Americans say they read preprints regularly. Nearly half of American adults have used a newspaper preprint to in the past 7 days to plan shopping. 61% of users have not changed their insert usage routine in recent years.
Action and Impact: Nearly 80% have acted on them in the last 30 days, such as clipping coupons, comparing prices, or to make an unplanned purchase. Many will even scan store ads for places they don’t normally shop.
Control: Unlike some ad mediums, newspaper run-of-press and some online ads specifically, marketers control when and where advertising is delivered.
Targeting: Speaking of where, preprints get ads to the people in your desired geographic area by allowing marketers to target by zip code.
Readers opt-in: Non-intrusive medium that readers interact with because they want to.
Ease: Surveyed adults report they are easier to browse and compare prices than online.
User retention: Preprints are kept by users for an average of 4 days. Compare to a 30-second ad or 8-second outdoor display.
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